Coconut Paradise

Coconut Paradise

Coconut Paradise

Island Harbour, Anguilla

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43560 Sq Ft


The offered real estate located in Island Harbour is situated on 1 acre of beach front over the ocean in the north part of the Anguilla island, 6 miles north form the St. Marten island, within the Lesser Antilles archipelago of Caribbean. The Caribbean Sea borders island’s south and the Atlantic Ocean is to the north.

Approximately 6000 square feet of local limestone, in combination with green-heart wood, has been laid throughout the floors, with a great visual and utility effect. Additionally, the narrow corridors of sand along the wall of the Gallery, combined with the limestone and wood designs, create a natural environment, as if the outdoor surrounding nature has been brought into the interior spaces. The extensive landscaping, consisting of mostly indigenous coastal plants, feels as if you were in the middle of an oasis, truly a Coconut Paradise.

The terrain includes access to the waterfront and an own beach of approx. 330 feet. The terrain’s shape is irregular, trapezium alike: it is narrower from the south, where the main building is situated, and it widens in the direction of the ocean shore. From the east and the west, the plot is surrounded with undeveloped plots.

The development standard includes also: -connection to the electrical grid and tap water, the property is also equipped with reserve water container and the individual sewerage; -access road and a permit for 14 parking places. The main building is located nearby the asphalt road (from the south). A big shaded terrace borders upon sandy terrain overgrown with palm trees of various heights, lush coastal vegetation and other interesting, newly introduced plants. There is also a small wooden building with barbecue and small kitchen by the beach.

The truly special 10 000 square foot building is situated on the property described above with views of the turquoise waters of Island Harbour Bay and Scilly Cay Island. The commercial/residential property presently consists of: professional Art Gallery, bar with kitchen, two boutiques, finished men and women public bathrooms and large covered terrace, all located on the first floor. The second floor, being an open 4000 square foot space, has been used for special events: weddings, fashion shows, concerts, etc. In addition, the space on the second floor has been prepared for an easy conversion to a large three-bedroom-apartment with two bathrooms. Two double glass doors lead to an outside balcony with a spiral staircase connecting to the first floor terrace. The second floor space has been surrounded by walkways all around the perimeter. On the same floor, there is also a separate studio apartment with a bathroom and an outside shower finished in lime stone.

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  • Lot Size: 43560 Sq Ft

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